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Wedding Photography in Northern Ireland

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We are currently unable to quote for main wedding seasons 23+24 at present due to an already busy diary with our Wedding DJ services along with trying to keep the studio running. At Present we cannot offer all day Wedding Photography.


We no longer provide these within cost – but can source and arrange printing for Photobook styled albums (we took this decision to save you added expense) Photobooks are now available from most online printers and to save costs a number of our previous couples decided to go and create their own saving alot of time and added expense for having us compile and order for them. If you would like to get a quote no problem, let me know how many pictures you would like, alot of standard albums are 20-24 pages and we always advise anywhere from 40-70 pictures depending on how many full page images are wanted, remaining pages will then have 2-4 pictures per page.

We also have great deals available for framed and canvas prints as we do with our studio sessions price list. Why bundle everyone into the same package? Pick and choose what you fancy the more thats ordered the larger the discount applied.

Other ideas that have been done are digital picture frames, again these can be purchased relatively cheaply online and load up your favourite pictures a slide show.

Standard Leather backed print albums with physical prints added start these days from £200 upwards depending on size and page quanity. Bespoke is the key for these with a wide range of colours and sizes available. (the other reason we steer people towards the photobooks)