Andy Webber Photography – let me tell your story.

Welcome along, at any stage do not hesitate to use the contact form or indeed give Andy a call. Photography along side music has been a passion for many years and Andy still dj’s so weddings and the challenging lighting conditions that come with it have been well honed over the years. Everyone has very individual tastes in both music as they do photo styles let us help create your perfect album or indeed let our experience take over and do what feel works best for you and your future partner. 

Let Andy tell your story – we want to provide and album of precious memories to look back on in years to come!

Over the last couple of years our photography has become a lot more serious with multiple all day weddings under the belt and more booked for this year and next, courses taken and multiple workshops attended to hone certain elements, along with ongoing learning, online courses and experimenting we hope to bring something that little extra special for you. (but please note Andy has had an SLR for over 20 years as a keen hobbyist) Coupled with this there has been major investment into the “right gear” needed to capture your story. Andy will always capture memories to be looked back in years to come. However we have also been picking up from other photographers for years doing our party pics package for weddings from the first dance (as many photographers these days do not stay beyond the speeches – some not even that long) We believe in also capturing the guests in attendance also as you want to look back on your album and go “don’t you wish these people were still here today” or “can we do it all over again” We want to capture the memories and moments you may not recall on your big and busy day also shooting incognito on occasions throughout the day / night. See some of our sample images (all our own work) following this link: Andy Webber Wedding Photography

Children’s and family photography is also growing (in studio or out on location to make it more enjoyable) however for the even younger ones we can offer an in home service with backdrop for that studio look. Please get in touch with any questions on our mini adventure days. This has been expanded to bring backdrops and our events printer to allow for photos to be printed and purchased on the day also (if required)

Our studio is into its 3rd year and new backdrops and props are always arriving! Andy Webber Photography Studio come and have a look at what we do. Your photos will not be automatically uploaded onto social media or our website without your permission so if you’d prefer to not have a social media preference or its a surprise present for loved ones simply let us know. 

Do you have a shoot theme in mind you’d like to create? Not something you’ve seen elsewhere – give us a shout and we’ll see if can help or design something around your needs.

At any stage if copies of Public / product liability is required please do not hesitate to ask.

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